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 We will help you determine if you are ready to begin your own business.
We will find the mentors you need, people who have gone through the same adventure and have found success.
We will show you how to resource other businesses to accumulate a broader knowledge base.
We will help you develop a Business Plan template.
We will help you develop the skills you need to run a successful business:

Time management 

Recordkeeping/ book keeping

Employee basics

Tax requirements

Business management





Ten Threats to Success

Not knowing how to manage and operate a small business.

Your small business is a unique entity and not simply a small version of a larger organization.

Lack of strategic planning.

A strategic plan serves as a road map for the small business; it allows you to select a destination and

determine the most efficient and effective route to get there.

Lack of cash.

It is important to understand how much money you will need to accomplish your goals, when you

will need it, and where you can get it.

Not having a competitive advantage.

In order to achieve success you must have a perceivable distinction or advantage over the competition,

and it must be one that would be difficult or costly for a competitor to match.

Lack of focus.

Learn to focus on a few outstanding products, services, and programs.

Make sure these are of a high quality and better than the competition before branching out to others.

Trying to go it alone.

A common pitfall for the small-business owner is trying to do everything oneself. By going it alone, you may also miss out on the opportunity to bring in a partner or employee whose skills would bring new strengths to the business.

Poor communication skills.

You need to communicate clearly to your customers what your product is, why it meets their needs, and why it is better than the competitor’s product.

Failure to recognize your own weaknesses.

Weakness in even one important area such as marketing, record keeping, finance, or strategic planning can become a significant barrier to profitability.

Growing too fast.

Make sure you have the internal structure, funding, systems, and trained personnel in place to accommodate the increased production or sales.

Failure to innovate.

Your world, including competitors, customers, and technology are continually changing. You must stay on top of these changes and fine ways to dramatically improve service or cut costs.

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