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  • Mr. Jeff Sibley stated that the are estimating 1,725 acres of GS in Lake B.
  • He announced the next drawdown for August 4th.
  • Some members were upset that no spraying had been done over the past 20 days.
  • Billy Montgomery says “Don’t give up“;  “we have to keep trying, something good is going to happen“. 

THE TRAILBLAZER SALVININA WEEVIL PRODUCTION FACILITY-  Going back to October 2013, a Trailblazer committee of “Lake Bistineau stakeholders” have been working to encourage the construction of a state of the art, weevil production facility to be located directly on Lake  Bistineau

We are asking for a public/private partnership which will work  in cooperation with all agencies and stakeholders.   The TB-SWPF will be locally controlled and focused on the needs of Lake Bistineau.

The Webster Parish Police Jury, The  Bossier Parish Police Jury and the Bienville Parish Police Jury are all working with us.   

Plans ARE developed;    The plan was mailed to all decision makers in October, 2013.   It was also given to other community leaders seeking their support.   See the plan here: SWN_PLAN100313

Budgets ARE in place.    $175,000 is needed to build and equip the facility;  Another $175,000 per year is needed to run it.

A great site for the facility  has been offered (FOR FREE!)

We need the State to provide money to run this program  for at least five years and give it a chance to work.

From October, 2o13 to today,  we have also invited our elected officials to get on board.  This letter was sent to all legislators in April, 2o14040814_BTF-letter

YOU TOO CAN HELP -     contact us !

The NEXT scheduled BTF meeting date is September 18 @ 10:15 in Minden

Trailblazer R C & D is pleased to be in partnership with the          

In 2009, the Bistineau Task Force was created by the Bienville, Bossier, and Webster Parish Police Juries in response to public outcries over the spread of Giant Salvinia in Lake Bistineau. In cooperation with the Trailblazer Rural Development Institute and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), BTF stakeholders have worked to restore and preserve the water quality and habitats of the entire Lake Bistineau area. Actions include the coordination of restoration activities, education, advocacy, and citizen action. The BTF is working with all stakeholders for the benefit of future generations.

BTF’s Battle with

Giant Salvinia

A 1995 outbreak in South Carolina was the earliest U.S. record of Salvinia molesta outside of cultivation. 

The distribution and spread of Salvinia molesta (giant salvinia) has progressed from independent introductions across the southern United States.

Salvinia molesta was discovered on Lake Bistineau in February of 2006.

In 2009, Salvinia molesta covered up to 8,000 of Lake Bistineau’s 17,000 acres.

A Few Facts About Giant Salvinia
Salvinia molesta, commonly known as Giant Salvinia , is an aquatic fern, native to southeastern Brazil.It is a free floating plant that does not attach to the soil, but instead remains buoyant on the surface of a body of water.Salvinia molesta reproduces by asexual reproduction only, but it is capable of growing extremely quickly, starting from small fragments and doubling in dry weight every 2.2 to 2.5 days.It grows from fragments that have broken off or dormant buds that have been detached from the main plant; Each node has five buds, so potential for great and rapid spread is high.[/one_third]

What’s happening

More than forty local officials and stakeholders attended the October 22, 2012 Donation Ceremony for the new air boat and UTV, which was held at the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Office (LDWF) in Minden. Read more about it in the November issue of Trailblazer News, found in our Media Center on the Home page.

 How you can help

The BTF can use your help! We depend on donations to make our goals for the Lake Bistineau area a reality. Donations have made it possible for the BTF to recently donate an airboat and a UTV to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Help us to do even more! See our 2013-14 BTF VISION PLAN at the bottom of this page.
Checks (made out to Trailblazer R C & D, with a BTF Action Plan notation) can be mailed to:
Trailblazer R C & D
302 Reynolds Drive
Ruston, LA 71270.
Donations may qualify as tax exempt; Donations of $100 or more will receive an acknowledgement letter.

For a copy of the Aquatic Weed Identification sheet, click here.

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